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Bart Durham Injury Law’s Mean Tweets Campaign: Turning Negative Commentary Into an Asset for Your Brand

Embracing the public perception of a brand can be a great way to engage with fans.

In a perfect world, our businesses would never face any negative feedback or tweets from consumers. Of course, our world is far from perfect and negative commentary is inevitable. The trick is taking that negativity and turning it into an asset for your brand.

Our client, Bart Durham Injury Law is no stranger to receiving feedback on their advertising efforts. The law firm has been in Nashville for over 40 years. Locals know them for their many television commercials and very prevalent billboards and bus wraps. Bart Durham himself has become a local legend. When you become an established brand, you’re bound to get some people who have strong opinions about your business. Unfortunately, these opinions aren’t always positive.

The Inspiration:

In recent years, Twitter has become a place for people to air their grievances. They’re usually about whatever they decide to be upset about, including brands. Some brands aren’t afraid to clap back. Wendy’s Twitter account has become famous for not only dragging their competitors, but also people with petty complaints of their business.

With an ever increasing influx of tweets about Bart Durham’s commercials, we decided to embrace the sometimes less-than-friendly commentary and use it to our advantage. Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment, we scoured twitter to find the best and sassiest tweets about the firm or their commercials.

The Creative:

We originally created some static graphics with screenshots of the tweets and shared them to other social platforms. These performed exceptionally well with our first Tweet Graphic being the top post on all social platforms for the quarter and also got us a shout out from a local radio station. People loved seeing the business embrace their public perception and not being afraid to poke a little fun at themselves.

The Results:

With the success of these Tweet Graphics, we took things one step further. We teamed up with two attorneys at the firm, including Bart’s son, Blair Durham, to read some of these tweets on camera. These pieces of content have performed well. They’ve accounted for 56 percent of our total Facebook post Impressions and 60 percent of our total Facebook post Reach since we began posting these pieces.   

Sometimes if you really can’t beat ‘em, you might as well join ‘em.

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