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Camping With Dogs: Simple Graphics, Huge Engagement

The Goal

Earlier this year, we analyzed Camping With Dogs’ current content strategy to elevate this account in 2020 and increase Instagram engagement. The account had it all – beautiful imagery, engaging captions, and most importantly, a loyal following. However, we wanted to go one step further. Our team set out to create simple graphics that stand out from the average CWD post. We introduced relatable and timely content to increase engagement and create a stronger community.

Screenshot of Camping With Dogs Instagram feed aesthetic - engagement


The Process

Introducing graphics to a brand’s content strategy requires research and planning. First, we utilized social listening to keep an eye on any upcoming social media trends. 

Next, we designed the graphics to provide consistency and ensure they would stand out among other CWD content. We utilized Twitter text posts because they are easy to read, highly recognizable, and provide the opportunity to include CWD branding. Additionally, other simple graphics utilize white space to contrast the feed and include CWD branding. 

Each graphic serves a specific Instagram engagement goal. These goals vary from including a call to action for engagement or for followers to share the post to their Instagram Story. Additionally, we post these graphics every six posts to create a curated Instagram feed.


The Results 

These simple graphics generated overwhelming engagement because this new timely content grabbed the attention of loyal followers. The first graphic posted by CWD included the call to action “Tell us what your dog is doing in the comments below, but refer to them as “my annoying coworker.” This post became CWD’s most commented photo in the past year with 2,185 comments.

Other graphics that included references to working from home during COVID-19 received positive feedback. For example, this work from home to-do list received 60% more likes and 226% more comments than the average post.

Additionally, we utilized engaging graphics to celebrate holidays such as Earth Day. This simple design includes CWD branding colors and received more than 700 shares to users’ IG Story in less than six hours.


Overall, adding these graphics to Camping With Dogs’ content strategy increased Instagram engagement across the entire account. Make sure to follow along with us on Camping With Dogs’ Instagram


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