Down the ‘Chute: School Bus PSA with Bart Durham Injury Law

Creating a piece of content that is both engaging yet informative isn’t always an easy task.

However, social media has provided us the perfect platform for delivering PSAs that are more eye-catching than those typically created for television. For client Bart Durham Injury Law, our team filmed a video that shared tips with users on how to safely share the road with buses, a campaign that ran during back-to-school season.

What was your inspiration?

Sometimes, it takes me hours or even days to come up with an idea for a campaign. Other times, the idea will just come to me out of the blue. Creating a PSA for back-to-school season was one of those “why didn’t I think of this before?” moments. Not only was the timing of this concept perfect, but it falls in line with the law firm’s objective of wanting to helping others.

What was the concept?

We wanted to provide a visual explanation of practicing safety around school buses. The idea was to split the information in the video to appeal to different audiences: primarily parents of school-aged children and drivers. By providing information on how to safely share the road with school buses, we were able to expand our targetable audience on social to more than just parents. This information is relevant to just about everyone, since the majority of us share our daily commute with school traffic.

How did you create / execute?

Executing out this concept was relatively easy because we started the process with a well-written script. The script provided all of the tips in a digestible, engaging way. We knew that we wanted to feature attorney Blair Durham throughout the video, as well as showcase children boarding and riding a school bus. We were fortunate to partner with the Sumner County YMCA during their summer program to make the latter happen. The children were all amazing actors!

What were the results?

This video reached around 80,000 users in the surrounding Nashville area, providing our team a large pool of users to retarget with follow-up content. Check out the final product here!

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