Down the ‘Chute: Camping With Dogs Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to engage your audience and reach new users. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Plus, the process of planning the creative part of the giveaway is always fun. Especially when it involves dogs. ????

What was your inspiration? 

Every Camping With Dogs giveaway we’ve hosted has engaged our audience, amassed new email addresses for our mailing list, and allowed us to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships with brands in the outdoor industry. We hadn’t done one in a few months, so we felt like it was time to launch one for the end of summer!

What was the concept?

The concept was to create a giveaway for the adventure seeker. Granted, the giveaway prize didn’t include *everything* one would need for going on an adventure, but it did include some fun gear that any adventurer would love to have: an ENO, a $120 Merrell gift card, a Duluth Pack Roll Top Scout pack, and a Camping With Dogs Trucker Hat and InfraRED Nalgene.

How did you create / execute?

We reached out to the brands we wanted to work with. In this case, it was Merrell, Duluth Pack, and Eagles Nest Outfitters. We already had a standing relationship with Merrell and Eagles Nest Outfitters, so they were plenty happy to contribute some gear for another successful giveaway. Duluth Pack responded quickly, saying it was on their agenda to reach out to us this year for a collaboration (how perfect!).

The brands sent us the gear they were providing for the giveaway, and we began the process of brainstorming a creative way to showcase it. We roped in our doggo friend Walker and our other doggo friend Fred (@fredthecorgo) to be our models. The results were, of course, adorable.

walker and fred

What did you learn from this? Any obstacles?

Working with dogs can be pretty difficult sometimes. Fred didn’t want to sit in the backpack and pose for a picture… at all. But somehow we made it happen and got this pretty cute boomerang!

fred in backpack

What were the results?

We reached 1.5 million Instagram users, gained 3.5 million Instagram impressions, and captured 5,470 email addresses, 3,000 of which matched to Facebook profiles that can be retargeted. It was an overall success!

giveaway stopmotion

Want to host a giveaway for your brand and build relationships with other brands in your industry, but not sure where to start? We can help!