Down the ‘Chute: Facebook Live for The PEDIGREE Foundation

We utilized Facebook Live to give The PEDIGREE Foundation’s audience an exclusive look into a major brand event in downtown Nashville.

The PEDIGREE Foundation really likes to collaborate with Mars Petcare. So when Mars hosted their Better Cities for Pets Adoption event, we decided it was a perfect opportunity to show our support of the brand and simultaneously create engaging content for the non-profit‘s audience.

What was your inspiration?

Have you ever seen a live stream in your Facebook feed that’s just a basketful of puppies playing? We wanted the same kind of vibe here–just a few minutes of adoptable dog sweetness to brighten your day.

What was the concept?

There were two local rescue shelters we knew would be at this adoption event so we decided to do quick chats with contacts from each of those shelters in addition to featuring the dogs.

How did you create/execute?

Covering an event means you need to plan ahead of time to make sure to bring the essentials. Kara and I took ourselves, an iPhone, and a hotspot to downtown Nashville (in matching Foundation polos, because we’re here for some client spirit). She was behind the camera and I was in front of it, and we streamed puppies, dogs, and interviews with Kenneth and Rebecca for about ten minutes.

Kara and Rachel rock their PEDIGREE Foundation gear during an adoption event.

What did you learn from this? Any obstacles?

Due to the nature of the event, the volunteers devoted more time to finding the adoptable dogs their forever home. We wanted to feature as many volunteers during the livestream as possible, but we didn’t want to take them away from the reason why we were all there! Plus, it’s Nashville. The construction boom the city is facing means that dump trucks and jack hammers are going to be louder than those who are on camera.

What were the results?

The video received over 1,200 views organically, and users who engaged with the content expressed their support of the event. People were so excited about it, and that was the goal of this livestream!


What I love about Facebook Live is the behind-the-scenes vibe that makes viewers feel like they’re right in the middle of the action. Making brands accessible and personable is one of our favorite things to do at Parachute, and I think it is a game-changer.