Driving Online Sales with Informative and Engaging Product Videos

The Goal

Evolve Pet Food came to us needing help driving online sales. In the pet food world, it can be challenging to make your kibble stand out among the rest. But with super premium and antioxidant-rich recipes offered at an affordable price, this family-owned business has a lot to offer! Keep reading to see how we helped Evolve Pet Food tackle this challenge, as well as ultimately provide them with assets to help elevate their ecommerce game. 

The Process

We determined the best way to showcase Evolve’s unique pet food recipes was to create visually appealing and informative videos that highlight the specific benefits of each recipe’s ingredients. Each video emphasized the super premium ingredients included in each recipe, which offered a straightforward approach for highlighting the benefits that come from this affordable, healthy pet food option. The product videos feature real ingredients used in the cat and dog food recipes. Ingredients include lamb, venison, salmon, duck, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, cranberries, blueberries, apples, and avocado…just to name a few. The benefits of each main ingredient were called out in the product videos- see the screengrab below!

Ingredients for Evolve pet food scattered on a table with a callout sharing that apples help improve digestive healthThe Prep Work

By prioritizing the prep work, our team completed the project as smoothly as possible. After all, preparation is key. In preparation for creating 22 product videos, we completed several tasks before ever stepping foot into the studio. We built the set in a studio environment to maintain consistent control over lighting and props. The videos are composed of hundreds of photos, and each photo has slightly different movements. If the lighting isn’t just right for each photo, it is noticeable to the viewer when the photos are combined to create the stop motion sequence.

The dedication didn’t stop there. We made daily trips to the grocery store for fresh, perky veggies to ensure we were properly representing the high-quality ingredients. In addition, we had to track down less common proteins like lamb, liver, and duck from specialty butchers, and even had venison shipped from out of state by a family friend who had some stored from last season. Safe to say there were lots of funky smells happening in that dark office for a few weeks! After composting the last of the food waste and emerging from the dark studio into some much-needed sunlight, we got to work editing each product video. 

The Results

We ended up creating 22 unique product videos. Each video includes an intro card, individual callouts, product feature, and the brand logo. Combining these parts helps viewers learn more about the brand and feel confident feeding their pets the very best. One of our favorite videos to make was Evolve’s Grain-Free Breakfast Strips. Production for this video meant cooking an egg over a camp stove on our office porch. The smell of bacon was an appreciated change compared to the whitefish and chicken liver used for the videos before.  ?

Evolve Pet Food is now using these videos to elevate their ecommerce platform. These videos showcase the quality of Evolve’s recipes in a way that consumers can easily understand. Embedding videos on ecommerce sites ultimately means less work for consumers because they don’t need to research the ingredients and benefits on their own. The product videos are driving sales through their own pet store and partnered retailer pages including Chewy. Additionally, the videos serve as a tremendous asset to the sales team. The team uses the videos at trade shows and pitches for potential retailers to expand their market.

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