Instagram Shopping: 5 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit Today

Long gone are the days of “Link in Bio.” There is a more efficient way for consumers to shop products on your Instagram page. 

The Instagram Shopping feature makes it easier than ever before to purchase products within the app. With just the tap of a finger, users can make a purchase. See below for five ways your brand can benefit from this feature today.

 “Add to Cart” is about to become your new favorite phrase!

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#1: Authentic Shopping Experience  

Let’s face it, sometimes an advertisement just feels like an advertisement. While there is nothing wrong with that, oftentimes brands seek a deeper level of authenticity. Tagging products with the Instagram Shopping feature creates a more authentic shopping experience. To consumers, this feels more genuine and less like a sales tactic. By seeing the product in action, users feel more connected to it. It’s easier to see themselves using a product, and even buying a product if it feels like it could seamlessly fit into their lifestyle. 


#2: Easy-to-Purchase Products 

The Instagram Shopping feature makes purchasing products very simple for the average user. Previously, users would have to visit the link found in the account’s bio to visit their website. Even after clicking the link, oftentimes they weren’t directed to the exact product they were interested in purchasing. It’s no doubt that many sales were lost this way as the customer grew weary of hunting for the original product.

Now, when you tag a product, the customer can click through to specific products. No more hunting around a brand’s website to find exactly what they’re looking for. The Instagram Shopping feature has streamlined the sales process significantly for the user.  Results typically include increased sales for many brands and many happy customers. 

#3: Efficient Instagram Ads

When utilizing your social media ad budget, you want to get the most bang for your buck. This is where the Instagram Shopping feature comes in! The Instagram Shopping feature’s ability to make products easier to purchase makes a significant impact on the effectiveness of an ad. It is now easier for consumers to directly purchase the product featured in the ad.

In addition, Instagram Shopping allows you to tag products on carousel ad posts, leading to multiple products tagged in one ad. Consumers can scroll through the ad carousel, and the product tag will change on each photo they swipe through. This will direct them straight to a different item. No more jumping through hoops!

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#4: Optimize Instagram Stories  

Don’t worry, Instagram didn’t forget about our beloved Story feature when designing the Shopping feature. Instagram created the product sticker specifically for tagging products on Instagram stories. This development allows brands to add a clickable “sticker” to its story. When consumers click on the product sticker, they will be directed to the product in your Instagram Shop. Overall, the product sticker acts and looks very similar to Instagram’s tagging feature. 

In addition to the product sticker, if you meet their criteria, Instagram allows business accounts the ability to use the “Swipe Up” feature. If your account is verified or has over 10,000 followers, you can utilize a swipe-up link within your Story. This link can direct consumers to any product you chose! 

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#5: Ability to Browse Product Catalog 

Scrolling through an Instagram feed seems like second nature. That’s why the shopping feature is a huge benefit to brands. When users visit your Instagram page, they can select the shopping bag icon that will lead them to your shop. The layout of your shop is very user-friendly, as it is similar to the traditional look of an Instagram feed. This is great because it allows consumers to see your whole product catalog in one place. Consumers can scroll through and discover more products they may be interested in.


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