Down the ‘Chute: Kip Moore Writers Interview

Songwriters are often, quite literally, the unsung heroes of our favorite songs.

UMG Nashville artist Kip Moore understands this. So as part of the release for his new album, Slowheart, Kip and his team wanted to share the stories of the writers who contributed to his latest work.

What was your inspiration?

With the growth of music streaming services, it’s tougher than ever to get people to purchase individual albums. In order to boost pre-orders, we wanted to add a little incentive for Kip’s super-fans to support the artist and writers involved.

What was the concept?

To best connect with Kip’s diehard following, we wanted to create an intimate look into the minds behind some of the songs on Slowheart. To do this, we created an 8-minute video of writers on the album discussing their experience working on the album. The unscripted conversation covers topics such as past works, how they worked with Kip to bring their songs to life, and of course some funny stories about hanging out Mr. Moore himself.

The result is a truly unique behind-the-scenes look at what goes into writing, recording, and producing an album with Kip Moore, told by those who did just that.

Three guys talking holding guitar

How did you create / execute?

We utilized a local recording studio with studio lighting to set the scene for the discussion. After meeting the writers and getting to know each other a bit, nerves were calmed as we aimed 3 different cameras at them.

One camera shot a stagnant wide shot of all the writers, another served as a tighter shot that showed 2 people at a time, and a third camera captured close-ups of the individual person speaking. Since the main camera stayed still on a tripod, I was able to man one of the moving cameras alongside our Videographer, James, while our Director, Kevin, monitored audio and supplemented the conversation with specific questions and prompts.

setting up two cameras

What did you learn from this? Any obstacles?

The only technical issue we had was a malfunctioning lapel microphone we rented for the shoot. Thankfully Kevin was able to fix it well enough to finish the shoot without sacrificing any audio clips.

What were the results?

Overall, the shoot went without a hitch! James did a great job in post-production and the client really loved the piece, as well as Kip’s fans.

You can purchase the Enhanced Album Experience to see the final product.

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