Kirkland’s: Hosting a Brand Relaunch with 30 Days of Happiness

The Goal

Earlier this year, Kirkland’s was planning for three major category launches, wrapping up a brand relaunch, complete with a new logo and tagline, as well as supporting a website redesign. With social media being a major key for the overall well-being of a brand, our team was put in the hot seat for creating a seamless plan to support Kirkland’s launch of the new branding, Bring Happiness Home.

Below, we dive into the creation of a wonderfully-successful campaign, the thoughts and ideas to support each social channel, and lastly, we breakdown the results of how this campaign affected Kirkland’s social media platforms and how well their consumers adopted Bring Happiness Home.

The Process

The idea behind Kirkland’s tagline, Bring Happiness Home, was to remind customers and people alike that a happy home is a beautiful home. Happiness cannot be bought, but instead, happiness is supported by things that bring you joy- and for some, those items can be found at Kirkland’s. Items that remind those of comfort and family, pieces that create an ambiance for a place to relax, or products that are the foundation of gatherings that produce happiness. 

Our teams came up with “30 Days of Happiness” to introduce this idea and drive that new brand messaging home throughout the month. The campaign would launch on August 8th, National Happiness Happens Day to have a timely, relevant tie-in, and would be supported through web, digital and email. To prepare for these 30 days, Parachute Media created a high-level calendar that supported key collection launches, and was filled with engaging activities, blogs with tips and tricks, and more content that reinforced the idea of happiness. See below for a few of our top ideas that resonated with our audiences on social:

For the 30 Days of Happiness launch, we:

  • Kicked it off with a 3×3 grid on Instagram 
  • Brainstormed several blogs like 5 Ways to Spark Happiness, 5 Random Acts of Kindness, and Just-Because Gift Ideas
  • Planned Instagram quiz templates like “What Makes You Happy” and “This or That: Self Care”
  • Shared photos of cute cats on Caturday 
  • Published images of dogs on National Dog Day, Aug 26, and invited users to share their pups with us
  • Created Buzzfeed-like quizzes and personality quizzes such as “What type of decorator are you?”, “What would your Home Decor TV show name be?”, and “Which is the perfect accessory for your personality?”
  • Came up with exclusive coupons for Kirkland’s Loyalty Members 
  • Published images of Kirkland’s from when they first opened tapping into the nostalgic feeling
  • Sparked Happiness on Wallpaper Wednesday 
  • Shared jokes on our social pages on National Tell a Joke Day, Aug 16
  • Set weekly intentions that inspired users to increase happiness
  • Changed a normal Labor Day sale into a Happy Hour sale 
  • Wrapped up the 30 Days of Happiness with a gift card giveaway to help customers Bring Happiness Home

In addition, for each of the new collection launches, we held dedicated giveaways and shared a steady cadence of regular content that supported the key messages of each new collection. A few good examples of this are sharing our favorite margarita recipe to show off the new glassware at Kirkland’s, or sharing “10 tips for better sleep” to show off the new bedding collection at Kirkland’s. 

The Results 


Instagram was an overall success; partly due to Instagram Stories and partly due to in-feed giveaways. Giveaways are always a huge hit- they give an incentive to loyal followers for engaging with the brand, and they also host a chance for new followers to join in on the fun and maybe stay awhile. 

The Instagram grid, which represented the 30 Days of Happiness kickoff and launch, was very impactful in showing off the new look for the brand, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

As for Instagram Stories, our activity increased by 72% in comparison to the previous month. Users gravitated towards blogs and in-app activities like “What’s Your Home Decor TV Show Name?”


Facebook was an overall massive success and useful tool for the 30 Days of Happiness. Our followers were loving the daily updates and focus on happiness (the weekly intentions post had a lot of positive feedback in the comments), but what really knocked it out of the park was the feeling of nostalgia. So much so, that the nostalgia post is our most successful post yet. With the increase in blogs and category highlights, this platform generated a 195% increase in website sessions and a 1,075% increase in website revenue coming from Facebook in comparison to the previous period; when looking year over year, we saw a 194% increase in website sessions and a 512% increase in revenue from Facebook.

We reached a total of 2.1 million people with our posts, had nearly 3 million impressions, and more than 60k engaged users. 


Twitter was successful when taking into account the traffic that was driven to the website, engagement with blogs and the Happy Hour flash sale. During the campaign, our Tweets resulted in 172,824 impressions and 7,252 link clicks. Our top Tweet in terms of impressions was the “Gift Ideas for You and Your Bestie” blog with 9,153 impressions.

During the 30 Days of Happiness, we also saw a 162% increase in website clicks in comparison to the previous period!

Overall, the 30 Days of Happiness was a great success in driving home the brand’s new message of Bringing Happiness Home. Make sure to follow along with us on Kirkland’s social pages: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!