Meet Parachute Media’s Social Media Intern, Rileigh Skelton

Parachute welcomes Rileigh Skelton to join the account team as our fall social media intern! 

With strong communication skills, creative content strategy, and expert baking skills, Rileigh is already an integral part of our team. She brings a fresh perspective on establishing brand voice and innovative ideas for capitalizing on current social trends. Before working with us, Rileigh completed multiple internships that helped her gain experience in various industries.

As a Nashville native and fellow dog lover, Rileigh embraces the Parachute company culture with open arms. When she is not in the office, you will find her watching the latest episode of the Great British Baking Show and spending time with her new puppy, Ollie. Read on to learn more about the newest addition to our team!

Rileigh headshotWhat is a fun fact about you? 
Once, when I was younger I accidentally denied an autograph from the Jonas Brothers because I didn’t know who they were. Big yikes!

In your work or creative process, what do you love creating the most? 
I am a huge planner! So, I love any opportunity to plan a social media campaign. I feel l like there is a lot of room for freedom and creativity throughout the content creation process.

Cara Hunter Quote Card Graphic about Rileigh Skelton

Who is one of your professional heroes and why?
I think the work Joanna Gaines has done in growing the Magnolia brand is amazing! I really admire how she has clearly defined her brand and grown it into a TV network, magazine, and home decor line at Target.

What is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is by a poet named Tyler Knott Gregson. It reads, “Don’t spend too much time treading water that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.” It is a quote that has stuck with me ever since I first read it. It reminds me to enjoy life and not get distracted by its difficulties!

Rileigh posed in front of city skylineWhat is your grand, audacious goal?
In work and in life, happiness is my bottom line. I want to enjoy the work that I do and I want the work that I do to bring people joy!

When you’re not at work, where will we find you and what will you be doing?
When I’m not working, you will most likely find me in the kitchen baking or at the dog park with my puppy, Ollie!

Rileigh and Ollie with pumpkinsWhat’s the strategy behind your caption writing process?
When writing a caption for a social media post, I usually try to think of relevant trends, or memes if you will, and write a caption related to that.

What sparked your interest in digital marketing?
I have a passion for digital storytelling and online branding because I believe that social media provides brand and public figures with a voice and personality.

If you could Skype with anyone, who would it be?
I would love to Skype with Great British Baking Show duo Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. I would both love, and fear, their opinions on my baking!

We are so excited to have Rileigh as a member of our Parachute team and can’t wait to see how she continues to elevate our brands’ social channels!

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