Bart Durham Injury Law: Memes and Social Engagement

How We Became Professional Meme Makers 

For many of us, the first thing we do in the morning is check social media. As you scroll through your feed, you will probably encounter memes within seconds. What’s a meme you ask? According to our old and trusty friend Webster, a meme is an amusing or interesting idea, behavior, style, or usage that is spread widely on social media. 

For any long-time Nashvillians, Bart Durham is somewhat of a legend. He has been practicing law in Nashville for more than 45 years and is known around town for his commercials and bus wraps. Because of his Nashville icon status, locals started creating their own Bart Durham memes. We’ve seen humorous content on the Bart Durham pages perform exceptionally well in the past with our “Mean Tweet” series (check it out, if you haven’t already!).

Social media within the legal industry can be inherently dry, so we asked ourselves, “How can we create even more engagement using this strategy of infusing humor?” The answer was more memes. Memes allow you to engage with your target audience without having to force advertisements in front of them. They’re also a great way to make content like Injury Law fun and engaging in the social media space. 


Timing is Everything

Participating in trending memes is an excellent way to engage with your audience and potentially reach new users by creating shareable content. Memes can be tricky though because you need to strike while the iron is hot. To get the most leverage out of a meme, you need to stay on top of what’s trending and choose memes that are relatable to your audience. 

As social media gurus, being nimble and following trends is second nature to us. So, tailoring trending memes to fit the BDIL social strategy was a quick and successful way to build on the existing buzz. When a meme emerges that fits with the Bart Durham brand, we determine the perfect way to incorporate it into our social content and come up with a witty caption to accompany it. The turnaround for leveraging a trending meme should take no longer than a day or two to ensure we’re jumping in during the height of the meme’s popularity. It’s always a quick project, but the amount of engagement and LOLs the content receives makes it worth the hustle. 

The White Cat Meme is a perfect example of this. Remember when you couldn’t log on to Facebook without seeing that meme of the white cat being yelled at by that blonde woman? We capitalized on that trend by incorporating it into our content for Bart Durham and it ended up being our top post of all time. It reached more than 165.2k users, garnered 9.4k post reactions, received 747 comments, and 1,605 shares. 

Okay, probably not, but nobody's purr-fect. ?

Posted by Bart Durham Injury Law on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Results 

After incorporating a steady cadence of memes into our content strategy for Bart Durham Injury Law, their social media pages have received an increasing amount of organic engagements, impressions, and reach across all platforms.   

We’ve received a 101% increase in overall engagements, a 76% increase in impressions, and a 400% increase in average reach on Facebook since incorporating memes into our content. We’re seeing great results on Instagram as well, including a 110% increase in overall engagements, 980% increase in impressions, and 1,159% increase in average reach. And on Twitter, we’ve seen a 68% increase in overall engagements and a 50% increase in impressions.

Capitalizing on trending memes continues to be successful and cost-effective for Bart Durham Injury Law. Due to their organic success, we’ve been able to save our ad dollars and increase engagement organically. The Uno Meme is another great example. We were able to increase our typical engagement by over 100%. From November to February, the top-performing Instagram posts for Bart Durham Injury Law were all memes.

That's a no brainer, draw 25 of course! ?

Posted by Bart Durham Injury Law on Thursday, January 16, 2020


Memes are a great way for brands to stay culturally relevant and appeal to multiple demographics. They also create an opportunity for fun and engaging content for brands like Bart Durham Injury Law who may have potentially dry subject matter at its core. Humorous content creates contagious engagement and is a great way to keep growing brand awareness. 

Keep up with Bart Durham’s latest memes by following their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages! And for more ideas on how to incorporate memes into your content, contact us!