Parachute Media Welcomes Rachel Ryan, Project Manager

Parachute Media is excited to announce the addition of Rachel Ryan to our talented team!

She brings several years of public relations and digital marketing experience to our roster. Passionate about brands and their online presence, Rachel will be leading social strategy and execution for Parachute’s largest clients.

“My background is in public relations, so I’ve always loved messaging and branding. I started my career doing traditional PR, but as time went on and the social media and digital spaces continued to grow, more and more brands were developing a need for quality social media and digital. In my opinion, this is the way the industry will continue to move and traditional earned media will be a thing of the past. Nowadays if your business doesn’t have a Facebook, does it even exist?”

When Rachel’s not working, you can find this East Nashvillian running in Shelby Park, scarfing down the daily special at Graze or breaking out her awesome dance moves at The 5 Spot.

Parachute Media: Who is one of your professional heroes and why?

Rachel: One of my professional heroes is Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia. He saw a need for sturdier pitons for rock climbing so he taught himself to blacksmith and started making them in his backyard. That grew into an incredibly successful company that never lost its morals. He realized the importance of culture and social good, and focused on that rather than profits.

Parachute Media: What’s something quirky about you?

Rachel: I have a rock collection that I’ve been working on since I was nine years old, I make all of my own skincare products and I love a good conspiracy theory…?

Parachute Media: In your work or creative process, what do you love creating the most?

Rachel: I’m a big-picture thinker, so I love seeing every element of a campaign working together to drive the message throughout every channel. And I love brainstorming creative ways to do it!

Parachute Media: If you could Skype with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Rachel: I would Skype with Bill Clinton so he could tell me all the presidential secrets like where they keep the UFOs and invisibility cloaks. He would totally spill the beans.

Parachute Media: What’s your grand, audacious goal?

Rachel: I would love to start my own business eventually and develop my skincare products into a brand.