Producer. Director. Dad. Kevin Welch

Kevin (Kevlar) Welch is a producer, director, and the “dad” of the office.

Kevin Welch

At Parachute, we have an experienced and dynamic staff who have many talents. Not only can we create social content and amazing web design (among other things), but we’re able to tackle short social-optimized videos as well as create full blown commercials geared toward a TV or internet audience.

quote about Kevin Welch

Kevin came to Parachute Media in the fall of 2016 to lead these video projects and to oversee our video team which also includes Sam and James. According to Ryan, Parachute Media’s Founder and CEO, “His experience is allowing Parachute to do things that weren’t possible last year.”

quote about Kevin Welch

When Kevin isn’t directing a recipe video or on set for a photoshoot, you’ll find him knee deep in editing or screenwriting. According to Kevin, his grand audacious goal it to “to direct a film that gets released and have people enjoy it.” He admits to being a movie nerd (surprise, surprise!) and loves horror and Japanese cinema.

quote about Kevin Welch

Like any great director, he loves soliciting emotion, especially laughter. His very first film was a parody of “Interview with the Vampire” called “Interview with a Janitor.” The basic movie plot took place in a high school and featured a janitor that terrorized a group of students. Can you say you’ve ever directed a parody movie about vampires…err…janitors? Kevin has. Boom.

Let’s see Kevin’s work

#OptOutside Campaign

Kevin wrote and directed this short video clip getting folks outside on Black Friday.


Edley’s needed a video for a holiday catering campaign depicting the classic millennial attempting to put together a Thanksgiving feast but failing miserably!


CPEadvisory needed a short video clip to show the need for Transcript Vault. It’s an essential tool to tracking your CE credits, like a spoon is to soup!

Thanks for being an integral part of our team, Kevin. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring.

Let’s learn more about Kevin

Parachute Media: Who is one of your professional heros and why?
Kevin: I really like Jonathan Glazer. His work is stunning, smart and often pushes boundaries for the medium he’s working in.

Parachute Media: What two songs describe your life right now?
Kevin: 1)Flo Rida – Good Feeling & 2)Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated

Parachute Media: When you’re not at work, where will we find you and what will you be doing?
Kevin: At home juggling the schedules and personalities of three perfect, beautiful, and absolute crazy kids; going to the park, riding bikes, playing games. We also love going to movies.

Parachute Media: If you could Skype with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
Kevin: Hayao Miyazaki or William Shakespeare

Parachute Media: What is something quirky about you?
Kevin: I have a degree in Psychology/Pre-Med but ended up making movies and commercials. I was an extra in the movie “The Faculty” and inadvertently and very forcefully elbowed Piper Laurie in the head and was very thankful she didn’t have me thrown off set. I was a Coca-cola Refreshing Filmmaker Finalist!