Triumph Pet Food: Using Creative to Define a Brand’s Identity

The Goal

We started working with Triumph Pet Food at the end of 2018. When we first brought on the account, they had 293 Instagram followers and 14k Facebook page likes. Triumph’s brand voice was not defined, and Parachute was tasked with nationally redefining the brand voice, identity, and overall audience, all while simultaneously growing the brand’s social media presence.  


The Process

Through studying Triumph’s audience analytics, meeting with the client to determine brand goals, and evaluating the 2019 budget, our team outlined various creative projects that would tackle our collaborative goals. 


One of our biggest projects for 2019 was a five-day video and photoshoot in Portland, OR. During that time, our team shot at more than six locations, worked with four groups of talent and dogs, and braved all the rain Portland had to offer. 


Before leaving for Portland, we created an outline and project playbook that would help us stay on track upon arriving. Because we all know everything doesn’t go as planned on video shoots, being prepared on the front end is essential. Within the playbook, we included a shot list that assured we would capture all of our project deliverables, a talent roster, locations to scout/shoot, and a day-by-day schedule. 


Though the days proved long and tiring, it wouldn’t be a Parachute trip without a little fun in the mix too, right? No way were we going to leave Oregon without dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean and ordering a few flights of craft beers!



The Results 


Upon returning to Nashville and cleaning off our muddy hiking boots, our creative team worked swiftly to create an awesome Portland montage video featuring adventurous dogs taking on the PNW, a series of activity-based  mini video clips around hiking, photography, playing at the beach, and trail running, hundreds of edited photos, and various testimonial graphics featuring our talent’s reflections on the importance of living life to the fullest with their pets. 

Adventure with Triumph

From the trails and mountains, to the heart of the city, adventure is everywhere. The possibilities of experiencing the outdoors with your dog are unlimited. And we're here to fuel your best friend every step of the way.

Posted by Triumph Pet Food on Saturday, July 6, 2019


Awaken Your Pet's Free Spirit

With a few summer weeks still left, what’s your next adventure? ?

Posted by Triumph Pet Food on Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Not only did these assets help Triumph define their online brand identity through social media, web, and email, but they also helped attract influencers with a wide social reach to partner with including Alex Borsuk, Bryce LaDuc, Winnie, and Jasper.


These high-quality and authentic creative assets have been the most influential part of defining the brand, allowing us to nearly double Triumph’s Facebook followers and increase Triumph’s Instagram followers by 488%, all within one year. To date, video assets from the Portland shoot have reached more than  436k people with more than 1.5M impressions. We are proud to add that 98% of social media ads from this project have an above-average quality ranking in Ads Manager. 


Images from this shoot have also been used for trade show booths, serve as the design inspiration behind Triumph’s new website launch, and have found their way to thousands of people via email blasts and blog posts. Keep scrolling for a few of our favorite examples!


New website launch: 






Trade show booths:


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