Establishing Brand Awareness with an Engaging Multi-Channel Billboard Campaign

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The Project

Wang Vision Institute is a household name for Nashville natives. However, Nashville experiences rapid growth every day, with new people constantly relocating to our favorite city. For people who didn’t grow up around Nashville, they aren’t familiar with Wang Vision’s laser eye services. We wanted to create an engaging multi-channel billboard campaign involving traditional advertising and social media that would capture people’s attention, establish brand awareness, and target potential LASIK candidates. Here’s how we did it! 


It’s always our goal to align our marketing strategy with our clients’ business goals. This is why we aim to create marketing campaigns that generate more conversions for Wang Vision.

For this campaign, it was our goal to produce content that could be used across multiple marketing channels. By exposing our target audience to our messaging from multiple channels, we increased our opportunity to develop brand recognition. Therefore, an ideal campaign would translate from a billboard to social seamlessly.

A billboard design of a sad cowboy emoji with glasses changing into a happy cowboy emoji after LASIK.

We also wanted our concept to be modified throughout the year to capitalize on seasons, holidays, and more. Keeping all of this in mind, we came up with our emoji campaign! With the tagline “We’ll help you go from (negative adjective) to (positive adjective)” and coordinating emojis, we can easily show how LASIK can improve people’s quality of life.

One of the best parts about this campaign? We designed all of the emojis ourselves! Emojis have pretty strict trademark regulations, and each platform has its own set of designs. (Think: Apple, Facebook, and Google all have their own emoji designs.) So, our graphic design team got to flex their emoji skills by creating our own designs!


The target audience for this campaign is potential LASIK candidates who live in Nashville. The ideal candidate for LASIK is between the ages of 20 and 40, so we knew incorporating emojis into our campaign design would help grab the attention of this millennial age group. 

Additionally, many new Nashville residents fall into this age range, so constantly seeing these billboards around town and graphics on social media help cultivate strong brand awareness and brand recall.

An billboard design of a sad emoji wearing a mask and foggy glasses changing into a happy emoji wearing a mask after LASIK.

Finally, this younger audience is aware of and engages with current trends and pop culture. This allowed us to be creative with our emoji designs and copywriting. We capitalized on the current struggle of foggy glasses paired with masks and used language targeted toward younger audiences.


By creating a campaign involving billboards, organic social, and social ads, we established and increased brand awareness among our target audience. With simple layouts and eye-catching emoji designs, our campaign has become easily recognizable around downtown Nashville. Accordingly, over the past four months since launching this campaign, many patients have mentioned how much they love our billboards!

These billboard and social placements have also developed brand recognition to generate leads and conversions from other marketing sources, such as web referrals. Additionally, the creative from these campaigns has become some of our top-performing social ads. These ad campaigns produce consistent results of high engagement, low CPR, and effective website leads.

Ultimately, creating a multi-channel marketing campaign allows us to target potential patients from a variety of platforms and truly demonstrate that Wang Vision is the ideal vision center for their laser eye procedure. 

If you are ready to take the next step for your business and invest in a multi-channel campaign, give us a call! ?

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