Capitalizing on the Color of the Year for Kirkland’s New Collection

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With Pantone’s announcement of the Color of the Year for 2020, the Parachute team jumped on the opportunity to tease Kirkland’s newest collection that primarily featured the color, Classic Blue.

The Project

The Client:

The Project: 

Great social media content relies heavily on the ability to be nimble and join conversations that are already happening, allowing you to capitalize on the buzz.

Days before Kirkland’s newest collection was set to launch, Pantone announced that the “Color of the Year” for 2020 was Classic Blue. It just so happened that the new Kirkland’s collection was showcasing all classic blue home decor and natural accents. 

With these pieces coming into a timely alignment, Parachute jumped at the opportunity to elevate the Kirkland’s brand and the new collection by capitalizing on the latest news. Our Kirkland’s account team met with our graphic designer and quickly worked out a plan.

The Challenge:

When thinking through the creative concepts, we had to take into consideration the fact that we couldn’t share the entire collection or any specific products before the collection launch. We found the perfect image that captured the essence of the new collection- it had blue, it had texture, and it didn’t give too much away. 

Our team thought through several different graphics and videos we could create, but with the clock ticking and limited collateral to use, we decided on a clean and simple design: a Pantone card. And with the option to leave all the specifics to the caption, we were able to use simplicity to our advantage.

The Results: 

These collection teasers were a quick and timely way to cater to Kirkland’s fans, create buzz around the upcoming product launch, and also reach new users by creating content about a trending topic of discussion on all social platforms.

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