Char: Lifestyle and Food Photography


Lifestyle and food photgraphy for a modern steakhouse

The Project

The Client:
4 Top Hospitality 

The Project:

This fall, our team took a field trip to Huntsville, Alabama to capture some evergreen content for our client 4 Top Hospitality’s newest restaurant opening: Char Huntsville. With three other Char locations, our client needed some lifestyle and food photography in this new location to use for their website and marketing. 

The Challenge: 

Lighting is always a challenge at these style shoots, especially since we were not able to use equipment to avoid disrupting the restaurant’s guests. We started by looking for the best natural light or mood lighting for the placement of the food or subject matter. When setting up the shot, we always plan around the end usage of the photos to plan the design. Aesthetically, we tried to balance the color of the food presentation with surface, background and props so that the food looks as delicious in the photos as it does in real life. 

The Results: 

Our team was able to capture a blend of lifestyle and food photography that properly captured the atmosphere of the modern steakhouse. Not only were we able to get a wide variety of photos, but we also made sure we were getting content in various aspect ratios so that the photos could be used across multiple platforms. We were able to get some stunning shots of the new location and snagged some photos that we could use for the other Char locations as well.

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