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The Project


The Client:
Cumberland University

The Project: 

When our client Cumberland University signed on, they had just begun a rebrand for their university and had very few creative assets for us to work with. The Parachute Media team grabbed our cameras and headed to campus to capture as much footage as possible. 

We captured photo and video content at their Welcome Week activities (comprised of giant inflatables, T-shirt tie-dying, and lots of cornhole) a variety of sporting events, and Homecoming. We also made sure we got some footage of actual classwork as well (apparently giant slip n slides aren’t classwork? Who knew). 

Once we had captured all of this footage, we were able to generate multiple creative assets from it for our advertising efforts. We created a general brand awareness video by utilizing a blend of academic footage, sporting events, and campus activities. This video has been great to raise awareness for the university with both potential students and their parents. 

We also created an educational video for one of the programs offered at Cumberland University. We targeted both potential students and their parents and tailored the messaging in each video to resonate with our desired audiences. We’ve also been able to use both of these videos to create retargeting audiences for future ads. 

Finally, we took some of the B-roll footage we captured to create fun GIF and boomerang style short videos. We used these videos to replace the still images we had been using for our ads to see if they would be more engaging with our audience and break through the noise on social media. The GIF style ads performed exceptionally well with both potential students and parents and lowered our average CPR by over 80%. 

How this Applies to You: 

All of this goes to show just how much content can come from one day of shooting. One video can turn into an IGTV Series, brand awareness content, and ad creative. Just like how one photoshoot can yield a month’s worth of social content, print ads, and so much more. Getting diverse, evergreen content can help you make the most out of your creative budget.

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