Helping Wang Vision Institute Say “Thank You” to Our Essential Workers

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The Project

The Client:

Wang Vision Institute

The Project:

During the height of the pandemic, our client Wang Vision Institute wanted to say “thank you” to the essential workers in Nashville in the best way they could – free LASIK. They knew that the essential workers had sacrificed their safety to change the lives of others. So, Dr. Frenkel and the Wang Vision team wanted to provide this life-changing procedure to five workers at no charge and offer all Essential Workers a discount. We were there to document as they told their stories. After having to postpone many of our production plans due to COVID, we were excited to hit the ground running after establishing production safety procedures.

The Goals:

Once safety procedures were established, we immediately began running ads on Facebook and Instagram. These ads invited people to nominate their loved ones who were still working during the pandemic as essential workers. We started by running engagement ads to create awareness of the promotion and encourage folks to share it with others. Once we were satisfied with the amount of awareness we had raised, we switched our objective to traffic to increase the number of submissions.

It was amazing to see all the kind words people said about the heroes they were nominating, and we knew others would be inspired by their stories as well. We asked each person if we could document their LASIK experience and learn more about what it’s like to be an essential worker in 2020.

The Process:

We interviewed each essential worker, three medical professionals and a security guard. We asked them a variety of questions about their jobs and what it’s like working during the pandemic. In regards to their vision, we also asked how long they had been dealing with glasses and contacts, and what they were most looking forward to after the LASIK procedure. 

The Results:

It was clear that getting this procedure would truly be life-changing for these essential workers. Take a look at the video and listen to their stories. Pro tip: you may want to grab a box of tissues.



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