Reaching a New Audience with Diverse Creative Assets

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The Project

The Client:

Evolve Pet Food came to us in 2017 needing help to expand their audience, increase their brand awareness, and ultimately help drive sales at retail. 

We consider ourselves lucky to spend our hours on the clock scrolling through funny dog memes and cuddly cat photos, but growing Evolve’s social following by 115k+ hasn’t come without hard work. We regularly hold brainstorming sessions with team members from the account and creative side of our agency. Brainstorms are important because they help keep content fresh. In an industry that moves quickly, even being a day late to a trend or a new idea can be detrimental to a brand. 

The Project:

It’s no surprise that 2020 presented its share of creative obstacles for our team. Even before the pandemic struck, we knew we wanted to find a way to introduce a new round of content that complements our popular Choose Evolve series. Choose Evolve is a humorous series that highlights the affordability of Evolve Pet Food. It offers extreme and outlandish suggestions for what pet parents can do with the money they save. For example, our most recent Choose Evolve video centered around the idea, “You shouldn’t have to CHOOSE between hiring a chef to cater your dog’s birthday and affording super premium pet food. CHOOSE More. CHOOSE Both. CHOOSE Evolve.” But what about the members of our target demographic that respond better to sentimental advertising? That’s when the idea behind Evolve’s Family Snapshot series was born. 

Evolve’s Family Snapshot series spotlights the importance of pets in our family dynamics and the joy they bring to everyday moments and life-changing events alike. This series is intended to tug at the heartstrings of viewers. People can see their own relationships through these stories and it makes them want to squeeze their furry friends a little tighter, too. 

The Details:

To make the most of the new series, we knew we wanted to create assets that work across a variety of platforms to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Through a series of video, photo, and motion graphic elements, we successfully launched the Family Snapshot series during COVID-19. 2020 was not an easy year to get through, but it did highlight the importance of family and for most of us, gave us more time at home with our loved ones. The Family Snapshot instantly connected with our intended audience, almost as if they were craving something just like it! 

Our Family Snapshot and Choose Evolve series continue to work as a dynamic duo by expanding Evolve’s audience, increasing social engagement, and driving sales. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about the launch of our Family Snapshot series. 

The Goals:

Assets from the Family Snapshot series were repurposed for retailer campaigns.

  1. Reach a new consumer base 
  2. Complement comedic content with heartwarming & wholesome content 
  3. Create a series of assets that work for social, digital, email, and traditional marketing 
  4. Drive sales

The Results:

After sharing our first Evolve Family Snapshot, we knew we were onto something good! Four family snapshots later, we have covered a wide array of topics. From families who have adopted animals to help explain the process to their own adopted children, to musicians who can’t wait to be greeted by slobbery kisses after being on tour for weeks. Not only have we seen our audience grow, but we’ve also seen our loyal fans connecting to these stories, too. Regardless of the backstory, pet parents can relate to the love and joy furry friends bring to their lives. 

Since our initial campaign launch in the spring of 2020, Evolve’s Family Snapshot videos have been viewed over 884k+ times. In addition to the social exposure these videos have seen, we have been able to repurpose these assets for retailer campaigns and evergreen organic content. By strategically going into each shoot knowing we needed to make the assets live outside of our social feeds, we created a variety of quality assets that continue to help Evolve Pet Food grow their audience, increase sales at retail, and stir engagement in paid and organic content alike.

If you’re looking to connect with new audiences and create content that resonates with them, send us a message!

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