How to Navigate a Roundabout – Marketing for Injury Law Attorneys

Video | Strategy

A creative social media campaign for Bart Durham Injury Law.

The Project

The Client:
Bart Durham Injury Law

The Challenge:
The challenge was to create a video for Bart Durham Injury Law’s social audiences to cleverly tell them how to navigate a roundabout, since Nashville has two of them. The video needed to be light and engaging and direct traffic back to Bart Durham’s website.

The Creative Solution:
We took a satirical approach to the subject, showing users ways to NOT navigate a roundabout, including texting and writing song lyrics, and eating hot chicken while driving in a roundabout. The video encourages viewers to click through to Bart Durham’s website to see the correct way to navigate a roundabout.

The Results:
This video has over 14,700 views on Facebook.

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