Merrell: Product-Focused Instagram Stories

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The Project

The Client:


The Challenge:

Over the course of the summer and fall of 2019, our graphic design team was tasked with creating product-focused Instagram stories for a range of Merrell’s shoes. These stories needed to capture the attention of the targeted audience with dynamic content, while appealing to the people who care about the technical aspects of products they purchase for the outdoors. Another challenge was making sure people remained engaged throughout the Stories so that they made it to the swipe up CTA. It’s an equal balance between brand awareness and e-commerce goals.

The Creative Solution:

We utilized animations, product-specific callouts, and lifestyle clips to create engaging Instagram Stories that appeal to various outdoor groups the shoes were designed for: hikers, runners, cold weather explorers, and all-day workers. Motion graphics were able to highlight how the products were designed for specific activities, keeping in mind the speed at which content moves, and the length of time before the CTA.

It’s more important than ever for brands to create audience, platform, and ad placement-specific content. Consumers today are very social savvy and have expectations on the experience they have on each platform. With endless segmentation opportunities, it’s imperative that we are designing content based on the behaviors of our targeted audiences and where they fall in the brand’s customer journey.


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